Heat Igniter: What is it and how much is a replacement?

What is a flame igniter?  A flame igniter for a furnace is a device that generates a spark or flame to ignite the fuel (usually natural gas or propane) in the furnace, initiating the heating process.  What types of flame Igniters are there?  There’s different types of flame igniters such as pilot lights, spark igniters, […]

The Ultimate Guide to Heating Repair: Your Comprehensive Resource

professional technician repairing a heating system, representing the comprehensive resource provided in the Ultimate Guide to Heating Repair

Maintaining a comfortable and safe environment in your home is paramount, and your heating system is a critical player in this endeavor. Whether it’s a traditional heater or a modern air conditioning system (that also provides heat), these are complex solutions that occasionally require repair, which may include air conditioning repair.  Various scenarios, such as […]