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What Makes Us Different

Smart Contractors. Smart Contracts.

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    Transparent Pricing

    A lack of transparency in pricing results in higher prices for consumers. Bob’s Repair will allow customers to see how much contractors have previously been charging for similar jobs, making pricing transparent.

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    No Advertising Fees

    Competitors in the home repair space advertise that their service is “free,” when they actually charge contractors a large amount of money for advertising services.

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    Using Blockchain, “Internet 2.0”

    Bob’s Repair uses new technology to store reviews in a permanent, unalterable fashion where thousands of computers around the world hold a copy of the review, ensuring that it cannot be taken down.

about us

What is Bob's Repair

Watch our explainer video for more information.

Our plan is to change pricing in America in the home repair and new construction industry by eliminating review fraud, price gouging and pricing ambiguity in the marketplace.

By publishing all transactions and reviews using new technology called Blockchain we are able to:

  • Cut out the middlemen.
  • Provide fair and great service to people.
  • Give independence to workers.
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